Hannah Taino-Spick
  Hannah portrait 2
Hannah is a former Royal Australian Air Force Logistics Officer and graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy. Post-military, Hannah has undertaken postgraduate studies in mental health, international and community development, gender studies and social work. She is currently completing a PhD study titled “The Australian contemporary veteran: A study of Australian Defence Force veteran subjectivity post-discharge” at Charles Darwin University’s College of Education. Her research interests include: feminist post-structuralism including subjectivity and identity, gender studies including intersectionality and performativity, veterans’ affairs, social policy, theoretical frameworks in social work, mental health and wellbeing.
Dr Ben Schrader

Ben Schrader

Ben is currently a visiting professor for Bard College and Central European University at the Bard Globalization and International Affairs program in New York City.  He is a war veteran turned peace & social justice activist turned academic. Ben received a PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawaii. His forthcoming book, “Fight to Live, Live to Fight: Veteran Activism After War,” will be released with SUNY Press in July of 2019. To learn more about Ben visit

Daphne Inbar

Daphne Inbar is a PhD candidate in the Department of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a former social integration officer in the Israeli Defense Forces. Her research interests include; theories of everyday resistance, military whistleblowing, practices of soldier dissent to mass-militaries and their representations in popular culture. Currently, her research focuses on the construction of public narratives regarding military whistleblowing.



Dr Sarah Hitchen


Sarah Hitchen is a philosopher who works on the philosophy of war, security studies, and international relations theory.  Her interests in this area focus on the centrality of the combatant experience to thinking about war, particularly in the context of modern warfare and insurgency fighting.  She is particularly interested in how ideas of consent relate to the explicitly transformative experience of military service, and the implications of the divide between the necessary abstraction of international laws of war, and the personal agency and responsibility of combatants acting in extraordinary conditions.

Hannah West

hannah west

Hannah West is in the second year of her PhD at the University of Bath and is funded by the South West Doctoral Training Partnership. Her research explores the discourses surrounding ‘women as counterinsurgents’ in British campaigns from Malaya and Northern Ireland to Afghanistan and contemporary operations through interviews and archival research. Hannah served in the Royal Navy as an Air Engineer for over ten years and has been using creative methods to reflect on the gendered aspects of military service ( She is also Co-Chair of the Defence Research Network (, for PhD and early career researchers studying defence, security or the Armed Forces in relation to policy, strategy, culture and society.

Sophy Gardner

sophy gardner

Sophy Gardner is a third year PhD student with the Department of History at the University of Exeter. She is researching the political fight for the RAF from its inception in 1917 to the end of the 1920s. The project is collaborative with the RAF Museum. Prior to her PhD, Sophy served for twenty years in the RAF and completed an MPhil and an MA from the University of Cambridge. She is a founding member of the Defence Research Network. She can be found on Twitter: @sophygardner.